“Great experience with Quechuas Expeditions, Cusco.”

5 of 5 starsReviewed October 13, 2013 NEW

My experience had been great with Quechuas Expeditions from the initial correspondence and planning stages until the end of the 4-day Inca Trek. All emails were promptly responded which helps when you’re planning a trek that you’re not sure you can do. I am female, almost 63 years old, relatively in shape, an avid skier, and worked out regularly at the gym for a year in preparation for this trip. I still had reservations about how altitude will be a big factor, a prohibiting one. My 67 year old brother accompanied me on this trip and we decided to get into Cusco a few days earlier before the trek date just to get acclimatized. Wayra helped us plan our day trips which were: Cusco city tour, Sacred Valley tour, a trip to Puno and Taquile Island (which is at 4000m altitude) and a morning trip to Maras & Moray. I think this really prepared us for the 4-day trek since I no longer had headaches after day 3.
The classic 4-day Inca Trek that we chose went smoothly, many thanks to our guide, Juan. He gauged our strength and ability and made the trek enjoyable, not a task. Juan knew enough how to break up our day and never made us feel rushed to get to base camp at a certain time. Therefore as we were trekking we had the trail to ourselves to enjoy nature, and take pictures. By the way, we had signed up for a group trek but since there were only us two on that day it was like a private tour. We are also thankful to Armando, our cook, who prepared delicious meals everyday, and to all 4 of our porters who were very attentive to our well being. The trek itself is not easy, grueling on days II and III. Juan, being Quechua and a great guide, gave us insights into history, traditions and nature that we so appreciate. Machu Picchu was a bonus after the 4 days leading up to it. A sense of accomplishment is tremendous and I’m glad I did it.
We reached Machu Picchu about 9am, Juan gave us a private tour of the citadel, reached Aguas Caliente before 1pm to have a leisure lunch and collect our duffel bags, walked the town and boarded the 6:45pm train to Ollantaytumbo. A private car picked us up there for a ride to Cusco, to our hotel. Smooth planning, Wayra! Thank you…..sul-bikee.

Visited October 2013

“Quechuas Expeditions rocks!”

5 of 5 starsReviewed October 12, 2013 NEW

If you are trekking out of Cusco, this is the company to use! We did the 5d/4n Salkantay Trek to Machu Piccu. They are reasonably priced, have good camping equipment and are very friendly. Our guide was Hugo, and he was wonderful. He is very passionate about Inca and Andean history. He is also attentive to his Trekkers. One in our group was having a tough day when we climbed Salkantay, and he took care of her very well. I was sick (I suspect from juice at breakfast the morning we left) which I didn’t admit until the end of the second day. As soon as I told my group, Hugo worked with our marvelous cook Aurelio to get me some rice and “magic tea” to make me well. Speaking of Aurelio, what an amazing cook! The meals were outstanding!!! Every single one of them. He served us excellent gourmet food all along the trail, including a cake! How he managed all of that gastronomical goodness I will never know. I am also eternally grateful to him for his tea.

We wished for three changes, we would have liked more protein in the morning at breakfast. Also, in Aguas Calientes, we were not fans of the restaurant chosen for dinner. The food was average, and Pisco sours disappointing. We also would have liked to have had the option to have upgraded our Accomodations in Aguas Calientes. But overall, cannot say enough good things about this fabulous company who will make your vacation the vacation of a lifetime! Choose this wonderful local company!

Visited September 2013
“Excellent all-around experience”

5 of 5 starsReviewed September 27, 2013

I went on the 4 day/3 night Lares Trek with two of my friends in May 2011 and we had a blast. The overall experience was great and Wistman was extremely helpful getting all the details arranged. Percy was our guide and he was truly fantastic–super knowledgeable and extremely friendly. Compared to other tour operators, Quechuas was extremely reasonable and they really did take care of all the details. We liked the experience so much that we all decided to purchase an add-on the last day and went paraglading in the Andes…INCREDIBLE! I would recommend Quechuas Expeditions to anyone looking for a great experience in Peru provided by an independent tour operator (so you know your money is staying local, rather than going to some big multi-national).

Visited October 2012
“Quechuas Expeditions: 4 day Salkantay Trek”

5 of 5 starsReviewed September 25, 2013

I went on the 4 day Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu with Quechuas expeditions at the end of August 2013. It was an absolutely incredible experience and undoubtedly the highlight of my trip to Peru. I would recommend Quechuas to anyone looking for a reliable company and a great adventure. I was traveling with my boyfriend and only the two of us signed up for our trek. We were nevertheless provided with a guide, cook (Aurelio) and porter who attended to ALL our needs. We had some pretty intense weather the first couple days (including a lot of snow and wet clothes) but our guide, Carlos, kept us in great spirits and motivated us through the difficult parts.

We were well taken care of the whole trip. We carried a day pack and the rest was taken by horses. We were fed truly amazing meals the entire trip. There was actually TOO much food. We had three hot, multi-course meals everyday along with snacks and drinks. It may have been because we were hungry but this was the best food we had in Peru!! When we arrived at camp, our tents were set up for us, we had hot water to wash our faces and we felt very much pampered by the experience (despite being wet and dirty!) My thermarest on the first day was not inflating properly but they had brought an extra one on the trip (might be good to check before departing if possible)

Our guide Carlos was especially great. We were at first a little disappointed to not be sharing the trek with others but we quickly grew to enjoy our private trek as Carlos was a wealth of resources and information. He shared stories with us about Peruvian life from culture and food to spirituality and nature. We were really impressed by his depth of knowledge and willingness to share. Beyond being a guide, we were able to form a bond with Carlos which took the trek to a new level. On the trek he pointed out plants, animals and bits of history which really enhanced the whole experience. The trek was also really flexible and we were able to opt one morning to go to some hot springs and skip a portion of the walk.

When we arrived at Machu Picchu, Carlos gave us a thorough summary of Peru’s history before walking us around the site. He spent over 3 hours providing a comprehensive and enlightening tour. We were then left to explore for ourselves.

The trek was well organized and we were very impressed with the whole experience. I was nervous about booking before getting to Peru because we weren’t able to shop around in person, and there are so many companies available on the interned. I ended up picking Quechuas because they were mid-range priced and I saw them mentioned in Lonely planet. Quechuas I would say is worth the price for the mental security of having a good company. Also they support local community’s by hiring porters and cooks from smaller towns. Our porter was from a smaller community, and working as a porter to be able to pursue engineering in Cusco. Everything was on time and well organized. Our tickets for Machu Picchu and the train back were smooth and easy. Carlos and the whole crew were extremely prepared

I would also highly recommend the Salkantay trek. Despite all kinds of weather, is was so so beautiful! You get to see everything from high jungle to snowy mountains. Also, it was very peaceful because there were not many people on the trail with us. I would be happy to answer any questions anyone has about the trek or Quechuas expeditions in particular. We had a fantastic trip and I would not hesitate to recommend Quechua’s to anyone!!

Visited August 2013
“We love Quechuas Expedition!!”

5 of 5 starsReviewed September 1, 2013

We went on the Choquequitao trek with a lovely guide Juan and the excellent cook Aurelio.
The food was excellent, the tour is incredible and our guide was a local from Choquequirao, so he knows everything of this trek!
It really was the highlight of our journey and we recomend you to go on this tour with Quechuas expeditions and ask for Juan!!!

Visited July 2013
“Amazing five day trek with guide Jaun to Choquiquerao-Machu Picchu”

5 of 5 starsReviewed August 13, 2013

We (group of two people – couple) had an excellent time at the Choquequirao trek. The guide (Juan) was amazing, in organizing as well as the guiding/walking itself. The trek was beautiful and well organised, we never had any problems. The equipement and accomodation (tent as well as hostel in Aguas Calientes) was very good. Also the cook and horsemen were excellent (our cook even baked a cake without an oven!). As so, the food was really good, a large breakfast and 3 courses for almuerzo and cena. The trek itself was awesome, with an apotheose for Choquequirao and Machu Picchu. Juan also provided English guidance, because of our basic Spanish.

We would recommend this experience to anyone with a decent hiking experience and physical condition. And be sure to ask for Juan, because he was an extraordinary guide.

Visited July 2013
“Amazing Salkantay Trek”

5 of 5 starsReviewed August 13, 2013

My friend and I did the Salkantay Trek last august with Quechas Expeditions and it was a wonderful experience. During the whole trek, we always had the best camping sites and meals set up. The camping equipment was in very good condition and perfect for the weather. We rented sleeping bags wich were clean and warm.The whole trip was very well organized and everything was always ready for us before we even needed it.

Food was nothing less than amazing! We took the vegetarian option and we had so much more than salads. It was like eating in a restaurant but on a camping site. We always had at least 3 service meals and even a chocolate cake on the last day! We also got a wake up coca tea every morning wich was really appreciated.

Guide and helpers were all very professional and helpful. Ask for the guide named Hugo, he is very knowledgeable about local politics, history, fauna and flora. He is also very funny, took excellent care of us, the kind of person that you don’t forget.

We had to delay our departure twice because we both got sick one day apart and they worked very hard to rearrange the trip for us but of course, not without extra fees.

We are very happy we chose Quechas Expeditions for this trek and recommand them without any hesitation.

Visited August 2013
“Amazing Salcantay and Machu Picchu Trek”

5 of 5 starsReviewed July 25, 2013

I visited Peru this summer with a group of 7 friends. This was my first real hike and time out of the country. After thorough research we selected the Quechuas Expeditions and were lucky enough to have Carlos Borda Ramos as our guide. The entire trek was absolutely mind blowing. I can not believe such majestic beauty exists. Our Guide Carlos was awesome as well. He made sure the experience was met to its maximum potential and that we were always comfortable. One of the things I was worried about was the food during the 5 day hike, however, our cook that traveled with us always prepared delicious meals with enough to ensure you were more than full.

Visited July 2013
“The ultimate Peruvian experience…”

5 of 5 starsReviewed July 17, 2013

A group of seven of us from California decided to plan a trip to Peru. We settled on a four day hike, ending the fifth day at Machu Picchu. Carlos was our guide and he did a fantastic job. He made the hike lots of fun, even when the hike became challenging. Carlos also knew lots of facts along the trail and Machu Picchu to educate us in Incan culture. The food was delicious and they always kept us well feed. We did encounter some rain during our hike, but our belongings that we had transported to camp by horse was dry when we arrived. There was plenty of opportunities to buy snacks and water along the trail which helps put your mind at ease. I would definitely recommend zip lining and hitting up the hot springs, and Carlos coordinated all that for us, so we literally had nothing to worry about. I would definitly recommend Quechuas Expeditions to anyone that is considering a hike to Machu Picchu and requesting Carlos as there guide. All around great experience!

Visited July 2013

“3 day/2 night Expedition”

5 of 5 starsReviewed July 12, 2013

I really like Quechuas Expeditions. We did a private group of two persons, guide Victor Hugo (Chulo) and our porters. I much prefer a small group so I can ask questions when they arise and if either of us needed help along the way, the guide stayed with the one who needed it the most. I had to take my time going up and Mike had to take his time going down. I was impressed not only with Chulo’s knowledge of the Inca history but equally important to me were the birds and flowers I came across. It was hard to stump him on a flower’s name and equally important some of the history of where the flowers are found.

We did this trek in 2.25 days which I don’t recommend unless your are in very good shape. Our first night’s stay was with below Dead Woman’s Pass with other groups that were already completing their second day. I am very glad I trained back at home for 9 moths prior to starting out but I am 60 years old too and needed to remain in top shape to do this.. In Michigan, there are very few hills to practice on and certainly you can’t compensate for altitude but I did walk every day 3 to 5 miles with a 30 pound pack at 3.5 mph to get the equal work out I would experience on the trail.

Do yourself a favor and pay for an extra porter so your pack contains ONLY the essentials you need for the day such as water and a rain coat. Every extra pound will be very noticeable near 13,000 feet msl. I carried near 15 lbs and I felt it! Make your ascent according to your own pace…. do your own climb and don’t be intimidated by others … a golden rule I have learned from motorcycling through out the years.

Chulo was a great guide. We kept it light, happy and plenty of jokes and smiles along the way. It made the difficult climbs and descents go by rather well. His knowledge of Machu Picchu was spot on and after our tour of the ruins, remained with us till securely at our hotel in Aguas Calientes. All-in-All, a very memorable trip. Gracias amigos por mucho divertido, comedas buenas, y vistas maravaillos!

Visited July 2013
“Really enjoyed our Inca Trail trek with Quechuas”

5 of 5 starsReviewed July 11, 2013

We picked Quechuas because they specialize in small groups. Though we didn’t sign up for a private trek, our family of five ended up with a private trek which was great because we went at our own pace. On day 2, we mistakenly opted for lunch after Dead Woman’s Pass and then took a long time to get to camp. The cook sent porters out to meet us along the way with sandwiches and hot tea. Overall, food was wonderful – our cook even made us a cake! Tents were warm and dry. Sleeping bags were warm and new. Our guide spoke English well and was knowledgeable on the plants and animals, as well as on local people and the Inca. His Quechuan heritage probably helped give us a better understanding of the land and people.

Visited July 2013
“City Tour, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu”

5 of 5 starsReviewed July 8, 2013

I am a tour leader from Poland. Quechuas Expeditions was organising for me tours many times – city tours in Cusco and sourroundings, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Inka Trail. They have very good buses and guides. They recomend good hotels. Service is very good.Just could be cheaper.


“Quechua Expeditions far exceeded our high expectations!”

5 of 5 starsReviewed June 30, 2013

After researching the many tour operators we decided to go with Quechua Expeditions for our 4 Day Classic Inca Trail trek. As soon as the trek started we knew we had made the right choice. Leading up to our trip we were given all the information we needed and any questions we had were answered relatively quickly by email. Our cook and porters were amazing. They worked hard to ensure we had everything we needed to make it through the trek. The food was incredible. We had some of the best meals of our whole time in Peru on the trek, and that’s saying a lot since Peruvian cuisine is some of the best in the world! Last but certainly not least our guide, Percy, was the best we could have asked for. He was very personable and entertaining while also being incredibly knowledgeable. He taught us so much about the land, the people and the history. He also was a great motivator when the trail got tough.
We knew that trekking in the Andes and visiting Machu Picchu was going to be an extraordinary experience and by going with Quechua Expeditions we ensured that our high expectations for the trip were surpassed.

Visited May 2013
“Very professional tour, and friendly”

5 of 5 starsReviewed June 25, 2013

We did the four day Macchu Picchu trail with Quechuas and found them extremely professional and helpful, as well as providing a friendly atmosphere. The pre trip organization was comprehensive, with a good explanation of how things worked. The trip itself was outstanding, with everything working well, and a happy group of travelers and guides, porters and cook. We would thoroughly recommend them as a reliable company for the Inca Trail.

Visited October 2012
“Quechuas Expeditions: local & professional for Machu Picchu”

5 of 5 starsReviewed June 2, 2013

We researched over a dozen international and local operators and selected Quechuas because of the care they showed to details important to us. Sally and I were making our first big high mountain hike and the staff provided pre-trip training guidelines, provided a warm informative welcome in Cusco, and set up all the equipment (think sleeping pads, 1st class sleeping bags and tents) and a wonderful team to lead us to Machu Picchu. Percy, the guide, had trail knowledge, hiking tips, ancestral connection to the area, cultural and spiritual insights about the Incas and Quechuans. Food was wonderful and included 2 birthday cakes mid-hike! The entire crew was fun, friendly and interested in our well-being the entire way. A great owner-operated local guiding company…we highly recommend them.

Visited November 2012
“Machu Picchu through the eyes of its people”

5 of 5 starsReviewed May 22, 2013

There are many tour agency choices of Inca Trail/Machu Picchu in Cusco. Perhaps only one, Quechuas Expeditions, offers a tour of not only Inca marvels, but its marvelous people. Our group of 11 trekkers had the great fortune to spend 4 days/3 nights with Juan and Carlos (our guides), Aurelio (gifted chef) and Quechuas porters. Besides being first class guides, Carlos and Juan skillfully blended breathtaking scenic beauty, amazing history and the Quechuas legacy. So much of the grandeur of the Incas and Machu Picchu is the Peruvian people. The 4 day trek was a series of unforgettable stops to learn about the flora, ruins and folklore of the Inca Trail. This was truly a “once in a lifetime” National Geographic quality expedition. Chef Aurelio prepared restaurant quality meals that were much anticipated after a long days of hiking. I’m sure there are many tour companies out of Cusco that will show you Machu Picchu, but perhaps only one company, Quechuas Expeditions, will share Peru’s proud and beautiful people. Juan and Carlos made the trip special for our group and by the end of the four days were truly our friends. Through their eyes, Peru and Machu Picchu was so much more than ruins of a lost civilization.

Visited May 2013

“exceded expectations”

5 of 5 starsReviewed May 19, 2013

I just returned from the 4day/3night Inca trail trek. Juan and Carlos were amazing guides! They were very knowledgable about the Incan culture and Quechua tradition. The food was fantastic!

Visited May 2013

5 of 5 starsReviewed May 18, 2013

Fantastic…..what an incredible journey! We hiked the inca trail 4day/3night classic with Quechuas Expeditions. Juan, our guide, was very knowledgable and completely attentive to all of our needs. His dedication and desire to excel as a guide is very apparent. Eli, our cook, was an absolute magician…..the food was the best we had in Peru! And last but not least, our 4 porters were outstanding!! What an impressive display of hard work and efficiency. Thank you all very much……

Sherry W
Calgary, Canada

Visited April 2013
“Descent experience, some downsides…”

3 of 5 starsReviewed January 4, 2013

In September, we booked a 4d/3n Salkantay trek for the last week of December through Quechuas Expeditions. The pros and cons of this tour operator are as follows:

1. The guide, Efrain, was knowledgeable about the Incan culture and era. He was helpful during the trek and conveyed information about the daily schedule well. We needed a horse the second day, and he ensured we were able to get and ride a horse to the top. Also, he continually reassured us that our safety was his primary concern. This was particularly evident when he chose to take a safer route the third day due to rain and potential landslides.
2. The cook was FANTASTIC! The food was delicious! Even though my husband and I are vegetarian, the food was amazing and plentiful.

1. We rented sleeping bags from Quechuas, and they had bed bugs. We were bitten quite a bit, so bring your own sleeping bag.
2. The communication between the owner and the workers needs to be improved. We requested meals without meat and eggs, and the cook was unaware of this. Although I requested this meal preference in September, we had to inform the cook on the first day of the trek.
3. They are somewhat unorganized and sometimes don’t follow-up on e-mails. After completing the trek, we arrived back at Cuzco and were told someone would come get our duffel bags, which were from Quechuas. We were also told we would receive our free shirts and certificates for completing the trek from the same person. The person never came, and we had to leave for the airport the next morning. I requested, via e-mail, that the shirts and certificates be mailed to us, but I have not received a follow-up e-mail.

I have friends who booked with Latika Peru Travel, and they didn’t have these issues. Perhaps they are worth a try before you book with Quechuas.

Visited December 2012
“Quechuas Expeditions and Lenin as Guide = PERFECT”

5 of 5 starsReviewed December 20, 2012

My wife and I did the Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu and we are glad we used Quechuas Expeditions and lucky enough to get Lenin as Guide. We had a private tour (unexpected as we didn’t mind going in a group but nooone else joined same date as us) that was the benefit of Quechuas – a local company that only takes small groups (no more than 8 I think) and they hire great tour guides. Lenin was exceptional. He was very great at finding animals, showing us wildlife, knowledgeable on plants and ince history – he was amazing. Our chef Amancio was totally surreal – he cooked us a cake on a campsite – WHAT THE!! it is truelly an amazing experience walking through jungle, snowtopped mountains, rain, sun, eating local food and walking till you’re tired and hungry and Amancio cooks upa storm as we reminisce on the days events – please do this Trek – it was quiet and not over walked and really amazing.

Visited November 2012
“Excellent private service”

5 of 5 starsReviewed December 20, 2012

My wife and I had a few day tours with Quechuas and David was our guide. He was very knowledgeable and seemed to put a lot of effort into explaining everythign carefully and diligently. We booked in a group but noone else joined so we had a private tour. Excellent experience and you at least have to do the sacred valley

Visited November 2012
“Great local tour company!”

5 of 5 starsReviewed November 29, 2012

We had an excellent tour w/Juan, our guide and hard-working, very talented porters and excellent chef Armanzio! Juan was a great guide but also so much fun. We would definitely tour with him again.
You will be well taken care of and have an opportunity to meet the descendants of of the Incas! Would definitely recommend! You will not be disappointed. They speak excellent English and truly care about you and your Machu Picchu experience. Remember to bring Imodium and antibiotics though.

Visited November 2012
“Highly recommended, great service, good attention to detail”

5 of 5 starsReviewed November 15, 2012

My wife and I did the classic 4 day 3night Inca trail with Quechuas Expeditions. As mentioned in previous reviews, Wayra (the owner) was great in answering all questions prior to the trip. We were slightly surprised as while we had an open group, we ended up being the only ones in our group, which proved to be a great experience.

We had Jimmy John as our guide, who did a great job in explaining the various archeological sites prior to Machu Pichu, and also flora and fauna and local Peruvian culture and customs. He had great english skills and was a confident and clearly passionate guide. He really helped the make the trip memorable for us, as he was full of interesting information on the Incas, the ruins, current Peruvian history and current events, and also helped us with our Spanish slang! The team was likewise very dedicated, our cook (Dimitrious) was amazing, able to turn out three course meals with nothing more than a gas stove! And the porters were likewise amazing – it seemed quite clear that Quechuas look after their porters much more than some other companies, as the loads seemed reasonable and they all had good personal equipment, unlike many other poor porters we saw who appeared heavily overloaded and with limited equipment such as shoes that were falling apart.

Equipment was all relatively new and very comfortable. The tents were small but comfortable, and the sleeping bags were very warm. Though the coldest night was down to maybe zero Celsius, we did not have any issues with the cold. The trail itself was moderately challenging, and for us the most difficult parts were the downhill sections, as there was a lot of impact on the joints.

Machu Pichu was truly awe inspiring, the only problem being that after four days of walking and a particularly early start on the morning we arrived (3am wakeup!) we were quite tired and did not give it the consideration it deserved. Luckily as we spent an extra day in Aguas Calientes we were able to return the day after. This is definitely something we would recommend if you have the time and money, as we spent the whole second day exploring with more energy than we were able to muster after the trek. We also organised through Quechuas to do the Huayanu Pichu trek on this day, which is a must do! The hike is relatively challenging for a day hike, and those with vertigo may have concerns as there are quite a few sheer cliff faces. Having said this, it is a truly epic view and really gives a unique perspective on this amazing site.

The only hiccup was with the final pickup from the train station – for some reason the driver had the wrong names, but as he was the only person picking up Quechuas expeditions, a quick call to Wayra had it sorted out relatively quickly.

We would highly recommend Quechuas expeditions and our guide Jimmy John to anyone wanting to hike the classic Inca trail.

Visited November 2012
“Personal Service and small groups”

4 of 5 starsReviewed November 6, 2012

You will pay extra for the personal service, but they cap the groups at 8, and we got a fair price considering it was just myself and my wife. They took care of us with great food and tea (even when i was feeling ill). The guide we had for our 4 days was merely average until Macchu Picchu. He was feeling under the weather himself, but we almost had to drag the information from him at times. In Macchu Picchu he was wonderful however with great stories, historical references and personal opinions that we greatly appreciated. They had one major goof however…when our train dropped us off in Ollyantaytambo they failed to meet us there to pick us up, so we were abandoned after dark an hour away from Cusco with no phone on us and minimal Spanish language. We were lucky to have the business card of Quechua Expeditions and our hotel…a worker at the bus depot took pity on us and called Quechua organizing a cab for us to drop us at our hotel. All is well that ends well…but that was a pretty major goof on their part!

Visited October 2012
“4day 3 night Inka Trail”

5 of 5 starsReviewed October 13, 2012

Everything I had hoped for. Well organized by Quechuas. Minor problem with pick up in Ollantaytambo on way back but a phone call to Wayra solved it. Our guide Juan was the best. Very enthusiastic competent young man who kept everything running smoothly for his team and his clients. This is a tough hike, but dont let that keep you from doing it. There are simply no words for the beauty of the passes, archeological sights, mountains and vegetation. It is inspiring and humbling to be sharing the trail with many of the local people as they go about their daily activities. Nights can be cold, but with long underwear, and fleeces I was comfortable. Rain pants and poncho came in handy. Take enough soles to tip the group and tip them well. These people are amazing and work so hard.

Visited October 2012
“4 day 3 night Inka Trail was incredible…but…”

4 of 5 starsReviewed October 12, 2012

Reynaldo was a good guide…perhaps not great, but very good. He was sick during our trip, so he was working hard to just feel healthy, but nonetheless, when you pay top dollar, you don’t want to have to drag details out of your guide. He was very animated at Macchu Picchu, but otherwise passable at best. The food was great, the morning tea and hot water for washing was a wonderful touch as well. They helped me to get through what i thought i simply couldn’t survive, and made sure i was safe and healthy en route. My biggest gripe was that when we were dropped off in Ollantaytambo there was no one there to pick us up as promised. We had to find someone to call them to arrange the cab. We felt pretty vulnerable in the middle of a foreign country near dark with minimal Spanish skills and little cash on hand. Although they got it done for us, i think that was a nearly unforgivable goof up.

Visited October 2012
“Salkantay trek 5D/4N with Quechua Expeditions!!!”

5 of 5 starsReviewed September 18, 2012

we are a French couple (32) and we have just made the Salkantay Trek with QE and all the trip was really well set up by the all team. As we were in trouble with our flight we were not able to do the briefing the day before our departure nevertheless, Wistman (the owner an ex Inca guide) in a very professionnal way, managed well our late departure. Hopefully, because we have benn preparing this trek since almost one year!
We did the trip with 3 very kind guys from QE team: Armandro our cooker, Honorato our horseman and with a special mention to our super “crazy” guide Juan!! All were very helpfull and did everything to make our trip very confortable. Amazing to see how Armandro was able to prepare a so tasty and so much food (the portions are really significant) and everyday, everything was ready to eat when we arrived from our daily stop.
Juan our guide is a very enthusiastic young man whith a real liking for learning and also for communicating his knowledge on Inca culture, believes and traditions but also on Peruvian way of life and on fauna. He has a real passion for his job for wich he does his best effort to communicate it. So, it was a real pleasure to live this trek with him.
The only inconvenient for QE Expeditions is the fact that all the price has to be paid by cash, so dangerous for tourists arriving in Cusco with such money! And it is also difficult to be able to have all the required amount with the Visa credit card (other tourists from QE have encountered the same issue than us), dued to max authorized amount per week.
Last remark, the tent are not for 4 people as mentionned on the website : they are for only 2 people (they are quite the same than the one we saw for other group with other tour operator).

Visited September 2012
“Salkantay 4D/3N Tour was fantastic!”

5 of 5 starsReviewed September 16, 2012

We had a great trip with Quechuas Expeditions. We opted for the 4D/3N Salkantay tour. Wayra, the tour operator, was responsive to our emails prior to our trip and answered all of our question about the trek.

Upon our arrival to Cusco we went to their offices and Wayra fully explained how are trip would work and we felt very comfortable. We had our last meeting the night before our trek, where we met our fellow trekkers and received our duffle bags (that would hold the majority of our personal items – which the horses would carry).

The trek was great, our guide, was fantastic and we were well taken care. The food from our cook was amazing. I have no idea how he created the amazing dishes he did on the trail. We rent walking poles and sleeping bags and were happy with the quality.

All and all a great trek with a very organized company. I would definitely recommend them to anyone traveling to Cusco/Machu Picchu.

Trek Tips: I would recommend having extra soles for purchasing water on the trail. At many of the rest stops were small shops where you could purchase water and snacks. You will also need soles to tip your guide, cook and horseman. We ran out of soles and had to pay partially in USD. The weather is changes throughout the day and night. I would bring layers to accommodate warm and cold weather. On the 2nd night, the camp site had the option to take a shower (cold water) but a shower nonetheless – if you want the option bring a small towel to dry off. When arriving at Machu Picchu, I recommending signing up for the hike to Huanya Picchu at 10am. It was amazing hike and worth the 40 minute hike to the top.

Visited August 2012
“Salkantay Tour with Quechuas Expeditions”

4 of 5 starsReviewed September 7, 2012

I would really recommend Queachuas Expeditions because they were so helpful when it came to helping me organise the Salkantey trip. The owner in the CUsco office is lovely and really helpful and speaks amazing fluent english. I was on my own female 33 and they really help med feel safe and answered all my very long and extensive list of question about the trip and even helped me fit it in with a jungle trip to Manu which I was doing before. The veggie food was lovely and the portions were really big, I never went hungry. Every day was different scenery. Day 2 was very hard going up the mountain purely because I literally had to take 5 steps at a time and rest for 20 seconds and I was the last one up the mountain but my guide stayed with me and made sure I was ok which I was re ally grateful for.

Visited August 2012
“Salkantay Tour was AWESOME!”

5 of 5 starsReviewed August 17, 2012

Just a little note to let everyone know the 5 day 4 nights Salkantay trek was a wonderful experience, thanks to the Quechuas team for organising everything – from the fabulous chef and porter Santiago and Fernando to the AMAZING tour guide Marco without whom i’m sure we would never have made it all the way. Marco’s enthusiasm kept us all buzzing, and his knowledge of the area, fauna and history of MP was never once questioned (compared to one guide we hear who was talking utter rubbish to his tourist team!).
I have, and will continue to reccommend the whole Quechuas team to fellow travellers and will definitely use them when i come back!

Visited June 2012
“Amazing support along Salkantay trek!”

5 of 5 starsReviewed August 11, 2012

Percy and our crew of chefs and horseman were fantastic guides on our four day Salkantay trek in early July 2012.  Having never been on an extended camping hike, they all made it a smooth experience, which we have now dubbed “luxury camping.”  Healthy, hearty, delicious vegetarian options were far beyond our expectations.  We had never developed a stronger relationship with a guide than with Percy:  he went the extra mile, literally when sticking with us all day in Machu Picchu, sharing genuine enthusiasm and expertise, as well as swapping funny and heartfelt stories about his life and ours, and keeping us moving during rain and hailstorms.  We definitely felt that we pushed ourselves physically and mentally, but felt well supported by our team of professionals along the way.
Quechuas expeditions was very professional, accommodating some last minute changes for our pre-trek briefing, and making sure all of us were comfortable before we left.  The only suggestion we would have is for Quechuas to consider other alternatives for payment (the majority of the payment was due in cash the night before the trek.)  Accessing large amounts of cash before or during the trip could leave travelers vulnerable to theft.   Regardless, we highly recommend Quechuas for treks to Machu Picchu!

Visited July 2012
“Inca Trail and more with Quechuas Expeditions”

5 of 5 starsReviewed August 8, 2012

I am going to rave about Quechuas Expeditions in this review. I am very glad that this is not a rant, as we encountered many, many people on our trip who had arrangements from other companies that went wrong and it messed up their enjoyment of their trips and cost them a lot of money. Peru is very different from the US. Rules are suggestions and people move at the pace that works for them. This can lead to a lot of cross-ups in arrangements and missed details. We experienced nothing but spot-on arrangements that were obviously the result of tried-and-true relationships that Quechuas Expeditions has built with various service providers over the years.

Peru was our first international trip and I don’t speak Spanish. When we first decided to travel to Peru, we looked into a standard guided tour that included everything. What we quickly realized was that there is no flexibility in those trips, other than extra nights in Lima. We wanted to really spend time in the Sacred Valley, and we needed time to acclimatize to the altitude in order to have a safe and happy time on the Trail. All of the “big box” tour companies from the US have you in Cusco for one night and then straight to the trail. Unless you live at high altitude, this can be a big mistake in terms of misery, sickness and safety. We wanted to find a company that offered a wide variety of activities and was willing to work with us to schedule some tours and let us free-lance other things. We wanted to do Peru our way, and Quechuas Expeditions definitely accommodated us.

I put a lot of effort into researching various local companies for the Inca Trail. In addition to offering every possible arrangement you could ever want, Quechuas Expeditions’ website is adamant about the treatment of porters on the Trail. This is a critical issue that cannot be overstated. Our trip would have been extremely compromised with guilt had we gone with an operator that did not treat those darling men who made our trek possible with the dignity and respect that all human beings deserve. We saw a lot of overloaded porters struggling along without even proper packs – just plastic sheets bound with rope. These cut their arms and destroy their bodies quite rapidly. The Quechuas Expeditions porters were numerous and supplied with top-notch gear: hernia prevention belts, cordura backpacks with modern straps and suspension systems and sahara caps. They also seemed to have lots of logo gear, such as Quechuas Expeditions t-shirts, track suits, hats, etc. Most importantly, none of our porters was overloaded!

Besides the porter issue, Quechuas Expeditions is a local company with local ownership and employees. The owner, Wistman, is a former Inca Trail guide so he knows the details of the business. He is a fastidious, delightful and extremely dedicated man who knows every detail of every person’s arrangements. His correspondence was patient and copious, allaying all of my concerns. We asked to have our orientation on Saturday in Cusco and to be picked up in Ollantaytambo on our departure day, Tuesday. These requests were accommodated without a blink. We were issued our monogrammed duffel bags and stuff sacks at the office on Saturday, along with our Thermarest pads. We rented sleeping bags and a set of trekking poles from QE. These were brought to us in Ollantaytambo by our guides on the day of our departure. The sleeping bags, which cost $20 each for the entire trip, were -10 North Face down mummy bags with compression sacks. They were newer, clean and odorless. It is entirely unnecessary to drag sleeping bags and trekking poles from home and have them take up space in your luggage for your entire trip.

A word to the wise: if you want to hike the Classic Inca Trail, BOOK EARLY! You have to have your passport to arrange your trail tickets and all outfitters have to go through the same process. It is done through a government agency. QE worked with us to get our down payment in January and buy our trail permits on the day July permits opened. QE will do a trek with only 2 people. We were 2 and I was willing to pay the extra cost of no more people booked for our departure date, which is very unlikely in July. This meant that there was no reasonable chance of our hike being cancelled and QE does not resell trips to other companies. This is a big deal when you are trying to book international airline tickets! We ended up having 6 tourists in our group.

One extremely critical element of Inca Trail success and enjoyment is the crew who actually takes you. Quechuas Expeditions not only had the best equipment that we saw on the trail, but there could be no greater people than those who took us. All 8 of the porters seemed to be cheerful all of the time. Our cook, Juan, was a great guy and made mountains of surprisingly terrific food. We wanted to buy his cookbook! I cannot say enough good things about our guides. Our group ended up having 2 guides. David was with the fast people who had Wayna Picchu tickets at 7AM on Machu Picchu day, and Jimmy Jhon (John) was with the rest of us, which ended up being another woman and me – the slow walkers. My 18 year old daughter was officially in our group but spent much of her time with the fast walkers, so 2 of us had a guide essentially to ourselves. David was very efficient and knowledgable, but I didn’t spend a lot of time with him. I will focus this review on the guide who made my trip spectacular – Jimmy Jhon.

Yes, this is his real name. He is a Quechua and was 23 at the time of our trip. Guides on the Trail have a 5 year university degree in Tourism. Jimmy is a total natural with people. He has a sparkling personality, maturity well beyond his years and a tremendous sense of humor. His interactions with the porters and cook seemed more like friendships than anything else, and they clearly respected him. He seemed to know everyone working on the Trail, and this familiarity continued when he took us into Aguas Calientes. He established rapport with us immediately by finding a colorful parasite on a cactus and painting our faces with it, and then letting my daughter paint his face. Once we let on that we’re Earth Spiritualists, Jimmy was incredibly open in answering questions and offering information about the non-textbook parts of Incan spirituality, even doing a couple of small rituals with me. This access meant more to me than I can put into words, and it seemed to mean a great deal to him as well to be able to share that foundational part of his ancestors’ world. He was very interested in cultural exchange but never a bit pushy in his interactions. Patient, positive and encouraging with a lot of joking around, this guy was also a wealth of knowledge about the natural world and executed his guiding responsibilities with the utmost of professionalism and a ton of pure, open joyful heart. If it weren’t for the 20+ year age difference and me being married and living in another country, I might have totally fallen in love with him (kidding, but it was close). I felt like I’d been given a very special gift from the Universe to have him as our guide. You cannot go wrong with this guy, regardless of how you spell his name! If you read around the web, you will find lots of other folks who had very different but equally positive experiences with him. When we left Machu Picchu after Jimmy’s astonishing guided tour, he took the bus with us into Aguas Calientes. Then he walked us to our hotel and got us checked in, carried our trail bag to our room, and even checked to make sure our bathroom had TP. He also made sure we knew where to catch the bus back to Machu Picchu the next day for our Wayna Picchu climb and the train back to Ollantaytambo afterward and gave us the rest of our tickets. Although he had to go out on another trek the next day and was only going to be at his home in Cusco for about 5 hours overnight, he still managed to remember to have a book on Quechua rituals left for me at the QE office. It is easy to see why Quechuas Expeditions has such stellar ratings across the web – the company is made up of exemplary human beings like Jimmy Jhon who go the extra distance to make sure your trip is all that it can possibly be!

In addition to the Classic Inca Trail package, we also booked a 3 day Lake Titicaca package and wrap-around service through Quechuas Expeditions. This included a tourist bus from Cusco to Puno, a night in a lovely hotel in Puno and 2 days on the lake with a homestay on Amantani island. This was a good trip and definitely worth doing, but it was not run by QE. When we returned to Cusco and the QE office to drop off our duffel bag after the Trail and our time in the Sacred Valley, Wistman (the QE owner) asked us about our followup hotel plans and airport transportation arrangements. We had none, so he made them for us on the spot. He even had his assistant take us to a book store and help us find a children’s book that we needed for a gift. A car came for us the next morning at our hotel in Cusco and took us to a bus station. We boarded a guided tourist bus to Puno with 4 stops plus lunch. Our bus tour was very inclusive, covering all admissions and meals. Some people were paying separately for admissions and meals, which would have been a pain. A driver arrived to take us to our hotel upon our arrival in Puno, and another showed up the next morning to take us to the docks. Once we returned from the islands, we were taken back to the same swanky hotel, which turned out to be 2 blocks off the main tourist area so we had very easy access to shopping and dining. The next day, another driver arrived to take us the airport in Juliaca to fly to Lima. By this point in our travels, we were quite tired and it was a great security to know that Quechuas Expeditions had our backs and our arrangements. While this leg of our journey was not as exciting as the Trail, the arrangements and value were still top-notch! Our homestay with a local family is an experience that we treasure and something not to be missed if your are interested in cultural exchange.

I am eternally grateful to Quechuas Expeditions for managing every detail of our booked tours with such precision and dedication. Being able to relax and enjoy our adventures was priceless and definitely worth the small amount of extra money versus a bargain operator. With Quechuas Expeditions, you get what you pay for AND you get more than money can ever buy. You get living ancestors holding sacred space at an incredible portal, and they are grateful that you came so they can fulfill their life’s work of facilitating your experience.

Visited July 2012
“Perfect in all ways”

5 of 5 starsReviewed August 4, 2012

I could not possibly say enough good things about our trek (4D/3N Salkantay). Our guide, Percy, was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. He was the best and made the trip really fun. The cooks took amazing care of us, and the food was fantastic. Everything from the surprise snacks during the day to the quick diversions from the trail to see some great sights made the trip really special.

I talked to people afterwards who were on different trips, and I can tell they their experience did not compare. The people at Quechuas are just as good as it gets.

Visited July 2012
“9D/8N Inka Trail Sports Package with Quechuas Expedition”

5 of 5 starsReviewed July 31, 2012

Quechuas Expedition made our trip to Peru amazing! Let me just start by saying that I am a planner and I ask about 100 questions to make sure that everything is okay and Quechuas answered everyone! Wayra is the man behind the emails and he answered every little question and concern that I had about our Package and just my concerns overall about traveling to Peru. He was also available through MSN chat on the Quechuas Webpage and talked to my about 9 day trip as well. Quechuas had everything planned for us. When we arrived, Quechuas was awaiting our arrival with a sign and they were easy to find. They immediately took us to our Hotel where we unpacked and rested before being picked up again for our City Tour. Our Guide David was so knowledgable. He was awesome! Our City tour consisted of visiting 3 sites around Cusco. We were a group of 6 and basically had a private tour our whole trip.

The next day Quechuas set up White Water Rafting for us. They outsourced and the company picked us up from our hotel, brought all the equipment, provided lunch for us and took us white water rafting.

The next day one of our friends were really ill. We were scheduled to do a horse backing tour around the city of Moray and see the Salt Minds. This was suppose to be a 10 hour day away from our hotel and that didn’t sit well with us because we didn’t want to leave our friend for that long. Wayra suggested that instead of horse back riding we can drive to those sites which would cut the day to 4-5 hours instead of 10. Quechuas was amazing in that they CAME TO THE HOTEL to see how our friend was doing and our GUIDE DAVID actually LEFT HIS CELL PHONE for our friend to use in case of emergencies. Wayra gave our friend his personal number so that he could call him if he wasn’t feel any better. Quechuas DID NOT have to do that at all and it really put our minds at rest temporarily leaving our friend for a few ours. Again, David was so amazing in his knowledge of the sites. He took time to explain, answered our questions and gave us ample time to take pictures.

Day 4 was our trip to the Sacred Valley. We visited Pisqau, Ollantaytambo and Chincero. Again, David was extremely knowledgable and entertaining in his lessons about each site. We also got to visit a llama and alpaca farm where we learned how the yarn is made and dyed.

Day 5-9: Inka Trail- Our experience with Quechuas on the Inka Trail was amazing. I first have to start off my saying that Quechuas provided our porters with proper equipment! So many times on the trail I saw so many porters carrying with just plastic sheets wrapping around their items. Quechuas had uniforms and proper equipment that made the load easier for our porters to carry. Our food was so delicious on the trail. Juan our chef was amazing! When you see what they have to work with, it is incredible that they were able to produce meal after meal of delicious food. Quechuas provided breakfast, snack, lunch, tea time and dinner each day. Our guide David never rushed us as we were hiking. He always encouraged us to hike at our own pace. He was so great! He would hike with the faster hikers and then slow down and walk with the slower ones. He was really amazing in giving us one on one time. Again, when we were on the trail, David just knew so much about each archeological site. He used trekking poles to draw pictures on the ground to help us understand it better. When we finally arrived at Machu Picchu we also decided to hike Hyuannapicchu (which is the mountain behind the ruins). We had asked Quechuas to help us purchase 10-11am tickets, but I am so glad they did not listen to me. They purchased the 7am-8am tickets. These time was better for many reasons. 1. it is in the morning and machu picchu got so hot even at 8am. We were so glad we were already hiking instead of waiting til 10. 2. it is less crowded. Hyuanpicchu is very steep and since we were int he first group, it was less populated because the first group can stay up there as long as they want. Also, because it is steep, we didn’t have to worry about sharing two-way roads since no one was coming down when we were trying to go up.

The amazing thing is, David waited for us to go up Hyuanpicchu, which took us about 2 1/2 hours total and then when we got back down, he gave us our hour long Machu Picchu tour. He talked about the rich history and answered any questions we had. He was simply amazing! Quechuas had everything ready for us. They booked our train tickets back from Aguas Calientes to Ollanytambo and then a driver picked us up to take us back to Cusco.

We decided to stay 10 days instead of 9 and Wayra asked us where we were staying the last day. I asked if it was possible for them to take us to the airport on Sunday and they did. He arranged a car at no extra charge and picked us up from our hostel at 5am to take us to the airport.

Overall, my group had such an amazing experience with Quechuas Expedition. Wayra answered all my questions. He planned everything out and was extremely organized. Our guide David was AMAZING. I highly highly highly recommend booking through Quechuas.

Visited July 2012
“Fantastica expedicion a Machu Picchu por Camino Inca”

5 of 5 starsReviewed July 19, 2012

I want to start by saying that I am not one to write reviews (although I read everyone else’s reviews to help me make my decisions), yet I was compelled to write my first review because of the outstanding experience my husband and I had with Quechuas Expeditions (whom we found out about through outstanding reviews on TripAdvisor). Our trip to Peru was one of THE best trips we have ever taken (and we have traveled extensively throughout Europe including France, Spain, Germany, and Italy, as well as Central & South America and the Carribean). The most impactful experience in Peru (of the 3 weeks we were there) was the 4 day trek/pilgrimage on the Incan Trail to Machu Picchu, and the underlying reason for this once in a lifetime experience was the locally run outfitter, Quechuas Expeditions. They were remarkable, from our contact with the owner Wayra via email prior to our arrival (including their willingness to accommodate for special diets, gluten-free in our case), our meeting with Wayra in person a few days prior to the trek where he explained everything in detail, to the positive experiences with and individual attention we received from our guide, cook and porters. When we met our Quechuan guide Wilberth (Jaguar), he referred to us all (himself, the cook, the 5 porters and ourselves) as a family. And that is exactly how they treated us. We felt so special on the hike because of this family. Jaguar was always with us; in fact 98% of the three main trail days, he was behind me (I was the slowest of our two person private group) taking breaks with me every time I stopped or stopping when he thought I should stop and might be over extending myself (which I appreciated so much). His mantra was “take your time, this is not a race”. Anytime we passed a ruin (or construction as he referred to them) he would tell us all about it (he went to college to be a guide and also interned two years with a Peruvian park service as part of his degree), and we learned so much from him about Quechuan traditions (for example prayers to Apu) and Incan architecture, traditions and history. He was the best guide I have ever had, and he was the nicest guy as well. I later found out that in his own backpack he carried a small emergency oxygen tank (thankfully we never needed it) and an enormous binder full of educational photos to enhance his tours of each construction/ruin we passed along the way. All the 3 course meals prepared by Aurelio, our cook, were outstanding (for example stuffed avocado, grilled fresh trout, rice, potatoes and flan) – defying the idea that we were “roughing it.” Unbeknownst to Quechuas Expeditions (and Aurelio) prior to the trek, my 45th birthday would fall on the 2nd day of the hike. My husband had mentioned my birthday to Jaguar while we were already hiking on day 1, who told the cook and they secretly worked on a birthday cake (gluten free no less!) the night before (even my husband did not know). Right before breakfast everyone came out of the cooking tent with my cake and sang happy birthday to me, and each person took turns hugging me and dropping flower petals on my head. The cake was AMAZING, with orange zest in it, and Aurelio decorated it too. It will forever be my favorite birthday (and I celebrated my 40th in Paris). To give you an example of how the porters went out of their way to help us on the trail: on the 2nd day of hiking, we had to have lunch a little later than usual due to the logistics of the landscape, so as we proceeded downhill (after a 6 hour ascent), Roberto, one of our porters, met us (he had hiked down and then came back up again) to bring us food to hold us over (potatoes stuffed with cheese and tea) it was amazing. When we arrived at Machu Picchu, Jaguar took his time with us, first at the Sun Gate where my husband wanted to wait until the actual sun’s rays hit the ruins, and also walking throughout Machu Picchu giving us an interesting and thorough tour. We did book a hotel for the night so that we could explore Machu Picchu for an extra day, and on our own, and this was one of the best decisions we made, as after so many days of hiking to get there, it allowed us sufficient time to take it all in, and in our case, think about everything we learned about the site from Jaguar. Wayra planned all the return transportation around our extra day too! My final comment about Quechuas Expeditions is that I was truly moved when it came time to say goodbye to each member of this (our) Incan Trail family as each one of them had not only made this trek physically possible, but had also made it an experience we would never forget and always look back on fondly. I will always recommend them to family, friends and strangers who will be traveling to Peru.

Visited July 2012
“4 day Lares Trek to Macchu Pitchu”

5 of 5 starsReviewed July 16, 2012

My husband and I did the 4D/3N Lares trek with Quechas Expeditions In June We were so pleased that we choose Quechuas as our Tour Operator after looking at so many other companies.
The owner Wayra was so helpful from the very start and answered very promptly to all the questions we asked.Quechuas was just what we wanted a small company with great service,you did keep to your word about just going with two people and we were delighted. On arriving at Cusco Wayra gave us a fantastic briefing about the hike and we also met our guide Gerson.
We really enjoyed the Lares trek and have some wonderful memories and photographs. Our guide, cook and horseman were exceptional throughout the trek.

Gerson our guide was amazing from start to finish, so knowledgeable and very passionate in sharing the actual knowledge with us.we both had flu & bad chests and found the passes a struggle with our breathing but Gerson talked us through it and prepared us for what was ahead and always made sure we were hydrated.

We saw some amazing scenery and lovely families with their children along the trek and had excellant information about cultures, plants and wildlife. Gerson collected mint for us and our fabulous cook made a great mint Tea !!

The quality and quantity of food we experienced every meal was delicious and a speacil thanks to our cook and horseman who worked very hard for us they are wonderful people and were always smiling and enjoying a joke amongst themselves.

The camping was far more luxurious than we have experienced before and the equipment was first class and the mattresses and sleeping bags kept us warm on the cold two nights.

Our 4 hour Tour of Macchu Pitchu was also exceptional with Gerson our guide and his knowledge of Incan history is incredible. he liked to share this along with stories and experiences.On our second day at Macchu Pitchu which was by ourselves we overheard other guides and noticed how they rushed through their Tour we both realise how lucky we were !! Gerson is the guide that everyone wishes they had for this trip and we can’t thank him enough fro making our trek so special he is an asset!

Thank you Quechuas again and good luck with your future business, we would definately recommend you to friends here in Australia.We would certainly use you again when we visit the lovely Country of Peru.

Visited June 2012
“Great, knowledgeable guide”

5 of 5 starsReviewed July 13, 2012

The guide was very nice and knowledgeable about Inkan history and culture and the plant life indigenous to the area. It seems like an awesome company with professional and cool staff.

Visited July 2012
“Quechuas Expedition team is the BEST for the Inca Trail!”

4 of 5 starsReviewed July 13, 2012

We did the Classic 4day/3night Inca Trail with Quechuas Expeditions in May, along with a 1 day Sacred Valley Tour.

The Pros:

– Wayra & his team are knowledgeable, flexible, and extremely supportive. I made changes to our itinerary/group size right up until the start of the trip, and we had drop offs and pickups at different hotels and they were able to accommodate all those extra requests. In addition, we did 1 day tour in Sacred Valley, but we didn’t want to carry our souvenirs on the Inca Trail with us, so they had someone help drop off all our goodies in Cusco for us to pick up at the end of our trip.
– The Porters & Armando – These people will blow your mind! They are AMAZING. Camping food will never be the same again without Armando. One of my team has pledged his love to Armando, and all of us miss his cooking. And the PORTERS! They went above and beyond the call of duty. After hours of hiking, we would arrive at a fully set up lunch or camp site and the whole team would be lined up waiting to cheer for us. When our friend was sick near the top of Dead Woman’s Pass, SIX porters ran up the mountain to help. They took turns carrying her down on their backs. And then most of them spent the rest of the night checking up on her and offering local remedies for altitude sickness. This was an extraordinary group of caring, hard working people. They deserve all our admiration and respect.
– The equipment is all new, or close to new. I was proud to be part of Quechuas Expeditions, with their good looking track suits, protected backpacks, and all our brand new gear. We saw a lot of other groups that looked like they had older and more worn down equipment.
– Lastly, the size. Quechuas Expeditions keeps the groups small. This is VERY important because everyone walks at a different pace. The more people involved, the more likely you get into the scenario where the whole group is held up for a handful of people. We were a group of 7, all friends traveling together, so it wasn’t a problem for us to wait for our sick friends, but I imagine that it would be a drag on someone else.

– I did not receive the quick responses that a lot of people experienced. I had to email at least 2-3x on every inquiry, and often made multiple phone calls (redirected to other numbers) to Peru to get some of my basic questions answered. To be honest, there were moments I questioned where the tour company was legitimate. Luckily – they ARE!
– The website is terrible. The company website needs to be cleaned up so it is easier to find information. Each tour page is just a dump of information that lacks organization.
– The payment process is the worst I’ve ever encountered. Western Union was the only “cheap” option, and we ran into constant issues, even up until we arrived. Western Union US insisted the $ was ready for pickup, but Western Union Peru refused to release the $. We had to scramble to withdraw thousands in cash to pay for the tour the day before it started. This is more Western Union’s fault than Quechuas, but I still think a tour company like Quechuas should be able to provide better, cheaper alternative forms of payments. The credit card option charges an extra 9%. We don’t understand how this is mandatory, when we used credit cards at hotels and restaurants and with another tour company and didn’t receive that charge. The payment system needs to be fixed.

All in all, I would recommend Quechuas Expeditions to my friends for the fantastic experience they provided on the Inca Trail. I would just love to see them step up their business processes and have a better system for communications, confirmations, and payments. It would make trip planning much simpler and more professional.

Visited May 2012
“Quechuas Expeditions – Excellent Tour Company”

5 of 5 starsReviewed June 27, 2012

My girlfriend and I did the 4D/3N Inca Trail in May 2012 with Quechuas Expeditions and highly recommend them. Wayra, the owner, was very prompt with answering all our questions and getting all the paperwork/reservations in order. When we arrived in Cusco, Wayra gave us an excellent briefing of the trip and was very flexible with our schedule.
One thing cannot stress enough is that Quechuas did the expedition with us even though no one else signed up in our group. We ended up having a private tour of the Inca Trail! So when they say they will leave no matter what, and not lump you with another group, they mean it!
Everything was very well organized, from picking us up from our hotel in Cusco, to the last day at Macchu Picchu. Our guide, Juan, was awesome! It was more like hiking with a friend than with a tour guide. Our chef, Armando, was incredible as well….it might be the best I’ve eaten in years! The Porters were rock stars and it was very apparent that this company treats them very fairly. We rented sleeping bags which were clean and good quality, along with all the tents.
The hike itself is a great experience, from the stunning views to the ancient Inca sites you visit along the way…make sure you bring lots of Coca leaves to power you through! The trail can be crowded at times so if you can do it in a small group, or better yet a private guide, it will be well worth it! An unforgettable experience, I will be forever a fan of Quechuas Expeditions!


Visited May 2012
“Amazing trip with Quechuas Expeditions”

5 of 5 starsReviewed May 6, 2012

I just finished the 4 day/3 night classic inca trail hike and I can’t begin to say how happy I was that we chose Quechuas Expeditions. From start to finish, it was outstanding –  except for some rain, but that was out of their control!
Our guide, Wilberth, was one of the best guides that I’ve ever had, and being on a round the world trip, we’ve had a lot of guides. He was great at making the history of the trail and sites come alive, explaining to us how much of the Quechua culture has survived to this day. He was also a great motivator on the trail when needed (Dead Woman Pass).
The chef, Armando, was outstanding. We ate so well on the trail, better than some of the restaurants in Cusco. And all from a little camp stove! And the porters were amazing, without them I doubt we could have finished the trail. They were quick with a smile when we arrived at camp and helped us all to relax after a tough day on the trail. All this, while hiking (running, really) the trail with up to 26 kilos on their backs.  It really is amazing what they do!

We were able to close out our tour to keep our group small, which after seeing the big, impersonal groups of 10-15 people, was the smartest thing we did. We were able to really relax and enjoy the trail and not compete with other people for the best tent/equipment/time with the guide as did the people in larger groups.

If you want the best Inca Trail experience, look no further than Quechuas Expeditions.

Visited April 2012
“Quechuas Expeditions was Amazing in Sickness and in Health”

5 of 5 starsReviewed April 28, 2012

Four of us just returned from a 13 day vacation with Quechuas Expeditions ending April 20th including the classic Inca Trail, Puno, Nazca, and Lima. They were amazing start to finish. They helped re-organize things when we had problems with changes in our schedule because of screw ups with our flights by the airline. We enjoyed the horseback riding and white water rafting excursions around Cusco and when one of the people in our party got sick on the Inca trail, they were extremely helpful in taking care of her. They sent an extra porter to help her and made sure that she could meet us in Machu Picchu by train, allowing us to complete the trek.

Pros: 1) They are extremely flexible and able to deal with tough situations as above
2) We thought their prices were extremely reasonable for the level of service we received (very good value)
3) Well organized and knowledgeable guides who spoke pretty good English and served outstanding food on Inca Trek
4) Wayra, the owner, is amazing and checked up on us multiple times throughout our trip to make sure everything was perfect

Cons: 1) Initially we had to pay with Western Union (their Paypal link was down) which we thought was sketchy but turned out to be no big deal

I highly recommend this group.

Visited April 2012
“Amazing experience”

5 of 5 starsReviewed April 16, 2012 via mobile

I just hiked the inca trail to machu picchu with 3 friends. Quechas Expeditions provided porters, cook, and a guide. The porters carrying our equipment made the ascends in altitude possible. The cook provided amazing food both traditional and western (western breakfast is fine with me) with lots of soups to keep us hydrated. The guide encouraged our climbing and was an expert in Quechuas culture and archeology (he was Quechuas himself). Quechuas Expeditions also provided a car and driver to explore the Sacred Valley on the way back to Cuzco (at additional cost). I highly recommend this outfit.

“Fantastic experince and very enjoable atmosphere”

5 of 5 starsReviewed February 7, 2012

We really enjoyed the time we spent in the Inca-Trail in Cusco. It was a fantastic and unforgetable experience going between the Andes. We were absolutly impressed about the kwonledge and the competece of our tourguide and the hole team from Quechuas Expeditions. These people were not only friendly und kindly, they also showed us the other side of peruvian lifestyle. My wife and me thank Wira (Mr. Wistman) for the precious time in the Empire of the Incas. Thanks a lot to the hole team we just can recommend this agency!!!

Visited January 2012

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