15 Aug


3, 4, 5 & 6 Days INCA TRAIL AVAILABILITY 2018 – 2019

November 2018 – Available
December 2018 – 
January 2018 – Available 
February 2019 – Closed For cleaning (see our alternative treks to Machupicchu)
March 2019 – 
April 2019 – Available 
May 2019 – Available 
June 2019 – Available 
July 2019 – Available 
August 2019 – Available 
September 2019 – Available 
October 2019 – Available 
November 2019 – Available 
December 2019 – Available 
January 2020 – Available 

QUECHUAS EXPEDITIONS (The Best Local Tour Operator) will create amazing expeditions to Machu Picchu, with great guides, Master chefs, and the unmatchable, unstoppable ‘Chaskis’ Porters, as well as the best Camping equipment tents, sleeping bags, mattresses and pillows.
Please, If you want to do Inca Trail. We recommend to act ASAP because all inca trail spaces are running out very fast…

02 person to open a new group & any day you suit./ To Confirm and Secure the Permits. Send us the filled out booking form as well as a deposit of US$200 and you are ready to go. please, (click here to see method of payments)

ALL DEPARTURES ARE 100% GUARANTEED – IF YOU’RE BOOKED, YOU’RE GOING EVEN IF YOU ARE A GROUP OF 02 PEOPLE.(Prices are fixed. wont change even if you choose Large group size)

Please, Prices are Based On Group size you want us to place you./Please, note: we will Never pass you onto another operator or share service with other companies as most agencies do here.

CLASSIC INCA TRAIL 4/Days 2018 – 2019
Group Service:(04-12ppl Average – 16ppl Maximum over 08 ppl 02 Guides) /02 person to open a new group & any day you suit. Based on availabilty(See Above)
Price per person Adult US$680 & Students/Children under 16 year old US$640. If you are a Group over 06 people Write us to give you a discount.

CLASSIC INCA TRAIL 4/Days 2018 – 2019
Small Group:(02-06ppl Average – 08ppl Maximum) /02 person to open a new group & any day you suit. Based on availabilty(See Above)

02 persons group / US$740 per person
03 persons group / US$720 per person
04 persons group / US$700 per person
05 persons group / US$680 per person
06-8 persons group / US$660 per person

PRIVATE LUXURY SERVICE CLASSIC INCA TRAIL 4/Days 2018 – 2019(This Service Included extra things)
Upon Request. 02 person to open a new group & any day you suit. Based on availabilty(See Above)

Price is per person and in US$

2 Persons

3 Persons

4 Persons

5 Persons

6-8 Persons








Special trek program just for you, and you can depart any day you wish and choose the group size, we don´t add any people, is arranged just for you. All private groups include additional services, such as:

  • Extra Personal Portering Service of 6kg allowance per person(Duffel Bags provided to carry your personal stuff) you will only carry day pack.
  • North face 4 season tents
  • Extra Entrance to Machupicchu to Climb Huaynapicchu Mountain
  • Vistadome Train(First Class Train back From Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo)
  • Private Van back to cusco from Ollantaytambo
  • Bus Down from Machupicchu to Aguas Calientes
  • Lunch in Machupicchu or Aguas Calientes
  • Sleeping bag / Silk Liner included.
  • 02 walking poles per person / Rubber tips included.
  • 01 Duffel Bags to carry all your sleeping bag, Self-inflating pad as well as your Clothes.
  • Tour Guide to explore Machupicchu. and of course we pay a little bit more to the porters and guide
  • Train Ticket Back from machupicchu to Ollanta and Bus back to Cusco for your Tour guide.
  • Note: Responsible Tourism and Well-paid and well-treated porters(HOW YOU CAN HELP ENSURE PROPER TREATMENT; we never overload our porters)(Click here to see a detailed page)
  • Huaynapicchu Mountain. 1st Time: 7:00am-8:00am (     ) / 2nd Time: 10:00am-11:00am (     ) We recommend 2nd time after exploring Machupicchu city before crowds.



Allocations or Itinerary are subject to change depending on time of booking and campsites provided by INC (institution that runs the Classic Inca Trail they allocate campsite for all Travel Companies) Because the 1st 250 spaces go to Wiñayhuayna Campsite which 2 hours close to Machupicchu and the rest go to Phuyupatamarca which 5 hours walk to Machupicchu. So we recommend to book well in advance in order to get Wiñayhuayna campsite.

We will leave from Cusco to start the Inca Trail .we travel to Urubamba where we will stop briefly at Ollaytaytambo where you can buy last minute gear and personal needing, then we move on to Piskacuchu (Km 82) Inca Trail Control Point .and then we start our hike of Inca Trail to Wayllabamba(first camping spot). along on the Inca Trail We will have lunch at Miskay (first Inca Trail Village) and relax a bit before hiking to our first Inca Trail Archaelogical site of Patallacta or Llactapata (biggest Inca Trail Quechuan Site) after an explanation of your guide about Llactapata ,you will keep going for 2 more hours to get Wayllabamba (first Inca Trail Camping spot 2900 m.a.s.l)

First day: Total distance: 10 km (aprox.)
Estimated walking time: 5 – 6 hours
Maximum altitude point: 3,000 m (aprox.)
Campsite altitude (Huayllabamba): 3,000 m (aprox.)
Places to see: Ollantaytambo, Piscakucho, km 82, Kanabamba, Llactapata Incan Site, Tarayoc lunch spot, Hatunchaka, Huayllabamba.

We’ll start our Inca Trail day, early in the morning, just to take advantage of the shade of the mountains ,its much better to hike up to thefirst Inca Trail pass (Warmihuañusca which means dead woman pass 4200 m.a.s.l) highest point of the Inca Trail. Here, we can literally see the various Inca Trail ecological zones and microclimates, which make up the area, mapped out in front of us. We will cross the Warmiwañusca pass and once we are on the top. we are going to see many snow-capped Mountains around and after we take a our group pciture we keep going dow to Pacaymayo (second Inca Trail Camping spot 3600 m.a.s.l) where we have our Lunch and then we will have a free afternoon to explore by ourselves.

Second Day: Total distance: 12 km (aprox.) Please, See we climb one pass only (Dead Woman Pass 4200 meters high) while Many operators are using a camping spot of Chaquicocha and passengers are forced to climb the 2nd pass of 3950 meters high) So 2 passes in one day.
Estimated walking time: 6 – 7 hours
Maximum altitude point: 4,200 m (aprox.)
Campsite altitude(Pacaymayu): 3,650 m (aprox.)
Places to see: Huayllabamba, Yunkachimpa, Tres pierdas, Llulluchapampa, Warmihuañusca(Dead woman Pass), Pacaymayu.

Inca Trail begins with a nutritious breakfast and then a 45-minute hike up to Runcurakay Pass (second highest pass on the Trail 3,850 m.a.s.l), and along the way we will visit the Runcuracay archeological site. During the day’s hike, we will also visit the Sayacmarca and Phuyupatamarca quechuan archeological sites of the Inca Trail. After lunch we will head to the Wiñaywayna site , where we will spend our last night on the inca Trail and then we will have a celebratory dinner to then say good bye to our Inca Trail porters.

Third day: Total distance: 16 km (aprox.) We explore the incan site along the inca trail
Estimated walking time: 7 – 8 hours
Maximum altitude point: 3,900 m (aprox.)
Campsite altitude (Wiñayhuayna)2,650 m (aprox.)
Places to see: Pacaymayu, Runkurachay Incan Site, Runkurakay pass(3900 meters high) Sayacmarca Incan Site, Conchamarca Incan Site, Chaquicocha Lunch spot, Phuyupatamarca incan site, Intipata incan site, Wiñayhuayna incan site.

Inca Trail Important 4 th Day After an early breakfast, we begin the final leg of the Inca Trail to the lost city of Machu picchu. First, we will hike to Inti Punku (“Sun Gate”), Gate of the Inca Trail where we will take in an inspiring and panoramic view of the Machu picchu citadel. After a short hike down to Machu picchu, we will register and then enjoy a 2-hours guided tour of the sanctuary-city. After the tour of Machupicchu there will free time to explore by yourself and you will stay almost all day and then after you will have to be in aguas calientes to take the train which is between 4:30 to 6:20pm leacing from aguas calientes to ollantaytambo and there will be a private bus back to cusco and we will be arriving between 9:30pm to 10:00pm
Fourth Day: Total distance: 7 km (aprox.)
Estimated walking time: 2 – 3 hours
Maximum altitude point: 2,700 m (aprox.)
Places to see: Wiñayhuayna, Intipunku(Sungate), Machupicchu city, Huaynapicchu or Machupicchu Mountain(optional), Aguas Calientes or Machupicchu Town.



• Private Tourist transportation Cusco – Km 82 (The Trailhead) (We never share Bus service with other companies as most agencies do here to minimize costs)
• English – Spanish speaking guide for 4 days of the Inca Trail and Machupicchu.(All our Guides work for us only) All of them speak Fluent English.
• Second Guide Over 08 people Group(Large Group Service)

• Thermarest air-inflate Confortable sleeping Mattress (While others agencies are using foam mat) Thats why many of them run away from us. Because they dont want their passengers to see the Quality of our Camping equipment)
• Cook and assistance of the Cook.(We have chosen the best cook/cheffs and all are trained by Quechuas Expeditions every month) 
• Cooking equipment (We use New cooking equipment and change all every 3 months)
• Snacks (Fruits, energy bars) 
• Daily tea service (Wake up Coca tea and afternoon tea time(Happy hour) with full of popcorn and special snacks made by our cooks)
• Dining equipment including portable chairs and tables
• Food service in the campsites (3 breakfast, 3 lunches, 3 dinners, 3 snacks) – nutritionally balanced menu: Buffet style Plenty of food you will never be hungry with us! as well as Guinea Pig for free because we want you to taste all from Peru.
• Vegetarian and free Gluten menu at no extra cost (Please let us know at the time of booking)
• Two person tents (3-people capacity tent used as doubles – Kayla Doite) 4 season tent Aluminium poles Tents
• Porter Service. As detailed in the table authorised by the INC. (To carry our camping equipment and food) We Never overload our porters.
Please, see a detailed page where you can see how we threat our porter Chaskis: And dont be fooled by some agencies who are offering free portering service. thats why many of our brother porters are forced to carry.

• Inca Trail and Machupicchu entrance fees as well as all the Inca Trail permits, valid for 4 days
• Inca Trail entrance fee/permits and insurance policy of life for porters and cooks.
• Visit to Machu Picchu on the 4th day (2 hours guide tour to explore the whole incan site)
• Camping equipment and basic field equipment for our porters as well as adecuate clothing like: (Sleeping bag, Mat, Jacket, T-shirt, pant, rain poncho, shoes, hat, belts, proper backpack to carry the equipment and all of them are limited to carry 20kg only)
• Return Tourist Expeditions train ticket from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo. Train time is at 6:20pm and this time will allow you to stay in machupicchu almost all day without rushing your Exploration. and if you upgrade to Vistadome the train will be at 3:48pm.
• Private Transportation from the train station of Ollantaytambo to Cusco(2 hours drive) and drop off at the hotel.(we only use our Private Transportation. so you will never wait at the train station till the bus of 30 ppl gets full)
• First-aid kit (Our Guide will carry while on the Inca Trail) Please, note all our Guides are trained every year in first-aid)
• Emergency oxygen bottle (Our guide will carry while on the Inca Trail)
• Rain waterproof cover for your day backpacks
• Pre trek Orientation – briefing (Hotel or Office) Let us know once you are at the office or by email.
• Single Tents upon request with no extra cost.
• Water for Driking: we will supply with filtered and boiled water and your bottles will be filled at each meal time.
• Free “I survived ” T-shirt and certificate (only for PEOPLE who successfully complete the trek!!!)

Quechuas Expeditions Additional Things which are Included 

• Portables Tent & Biodegradable Toilet (toilet waste bags) Quechuas Expeditions allows you to bring the comforts of home along for an enjoyable trip.Having a toilet in your home away from home may be convenience at its finest. Camping. so you don’t have to go out into the woods in the middle of the night to do your business.
– Quechuas Expeditions Detailed Page of Camping Equipment, Food and other imporntant things:

• Responsible Tourism and Well-paid and well-treated porters(HOW YOU CAN HELP ENSURE PROPER TREATMENT)(Click here to see a detailed page)
• We have Our Medical Emergency Equipped Rescue Mountain Car(This car will be available for all our passenger) and this will ready for any Emergency you need.

• Quechuas Expeditions Bottle for free. Get one for free at the office.

Please help us to reduce or eliminate the generation of plastic waste by refilling this bottle in any of the water stations located throughout on the treks. This is part of our efforts towards a cleaner and healthier environment. Sponsored by Quechuas Expeditions (The Best Local Tour Operator)

Get one of this Bottle for Fee at our Office!!!

Quechuas Expeditions Water Bottles (Get one for Free)


CLASSIC INCA TRAIL DOESNT INCLUDE: (Please, No hidden costs or surprises)

• Extra expenses
• Breakfast – Day 1
• Lunch and dinner – Day 4
• Pillows
• Entrance to the hot springs in Aguas Calientes town(US$5)
• Tips (optional)
Travel and health insurance.(bring copies with you please):Quechuas Expeditions highly recommend to get an insurance of trip cancellation/interruption insurance to protect your travel investment. Included with your pre-departure package, bring your travel insurance to cover trip cancellation, interruption, baggage loss and delay, emergency medical evacuation insurance and emergency medical expense insurance.


• Extra Personal Portering Service of /12kg- US$150 for entire trip (We wil provide you duffel bag to put all your personal stuff)
• Extra Personal Portering Service of /6kg- US$75 for entire trip (We wil provide you duffel bag to put all your personal stuff)
• Extra Personal Portering Service of /4kg- US$50 for entire trip (We wil provide you duffel bag to put all your personal stuff)
• Huaynapicchu Mountain Entrance ticket US$80 (2 hours round trip) based on availability and book in advance
• Extra Night Hotel in Aguas Calientes US$30 per person based on twin bed room with private bathroom
• Walking sticks(Black Diamond) : it can be rented from us. (02 poles – Black Diamond  US$20 for the entire trip)
• Sleeping bags: it can be rented from us.(US$30 for the entire trip)
• Upgrade to first class Vistadome Train (And inclues and Private Transfer From Ollantaytambo to  Cusco as well)US$60
• Sleeping liners: it can be bought from us.(US$15)


• Original passport and copies (and Student card (ISIC) green card if you are student ). Note ( you have to bring your student card to machu picchu because you are going to be required to show at the Machupicchu control point
• Travel Insurance card is essential
• Sleeping bag (not included)
• hiking water proof boots (with ankle protectors )
• Waterproof jacket or rain poncho
• Sun hat and gloves
• T-shirts / shirts
• Comfortable hiking zip off trousers
• Rain pants
• Bathing suit (for hot springs in Aguas Calientes)
• Sun protection cream ( factor 25 recommended )
• Insect Repellent ( for mosquitos )15 % of deet at least
• Water bottle.
• Water purifying tablets (Micropur recommended)
• Toilet paper and wet wipes
• Personal medication
• Camera and films
• Torch with spare batteries (flashlight) we recommend headlights
• Extra contribution suggested in soles money for tipping porters, cook and guide. and for any emergency.
• Previous acclimatization in Cuzco city, for at least 2 days and general good health. Quechuas Expeditions offers easy one day and half day routes which can be completed before the main trek


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